At First Lane Rehab Center, our goal is to facilitate hope and initiate change. We strive to improve the physical, spiritual and emotional health of our clients and their families through addiction education, individualized treatment services and holistic approaches. We meet clients wherever they are in recovery while working with them to get the most out of treatment.

What better place to initiate your recovery from alcohol or drug addiction than at Detroit. Our patients have the opportunity to extend the treatment experience beyond the facility and truly begin to recover the mind, body and spirit.

Dependency is a painful and difficult condition, but we hold firmly to the conviction that recovery can become a rewarding and fulfilling accomplishment, unlocking hidden or unknown potential for growth and peace.

Our services include:

  • Chemical dependency treatment
  • Alcohol education and awareness
  • Detox services 
  • Services approved through most insurance companies (medically approved)
  • Length of stay varied to meet individual need
  • Aftercare services
  • Family treatment based upon 12 steps, Reality Therapy and Minnesota Model
  • Ready access to medical services as needed

First Lane Rehab Center applies a holistic approach to substance abuse treatment, offering nutrition and fitness alongside therapy and counseling to create an enduring, person-centered treatment plan. Specializing in alcohol and substance abuse, we are well-versed in treating those who suffer from chemical dependency issues. In doing so, we work with each client to confront and overcome the deeply entrenched issues that have contributed to each his or her addiction, fostering a holistic recovery that addresses maladies of the mind, body, and soul.

Learning to enjoy life without substance use, and learning to develop true and healthy relationships is possible, but often times requires more than just detox or even short-term treatment. Statistically, longer term treatment is the most likely therapeutic program to bring about a life of sobriety and improved health. Long term drug rehab increases the chances of success because the values, skill sets, and lifestyle for sober living require time to crystallize. The ultimate goal is for the client to take these values, skill sets, and lifestyle with him or her when making the transition back into normal living.

Through its unique inpatient drug rehab and alcoholism treatment plan, First Lane staff believe that alcoholics and addicts can learn to live a Life of Excellence Beyond Sobriety filled with self-respect, sincerity, and responsibility. Our curriculum is an innovative holistic treatment based on spiritual principles that treat the whole person, as well as utilizing proven medical and mental health interventions.

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Drug and alcohol addiction cripple dreams and tear families apart. They affect everyone involved, and at times it can seem like there’s no way out. You may be wondering where you can turn in order to overcome this disease. Fortunately, hope resides in First Lane Rehab Center.

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