Each person who is admitted for treatment will undergo an evaluation by our medical staff to determine which, if any, medications are appropriate to assist with withdrawal symptoms, detoxification, and any co-occurring disorder or disorders.

Throughout treatment, relapse-prevention tools and techniques are employed to help the resident recognize the situations or events that may trigger cravings for alcohol.


The goals of alcohol rehab are very similar across treatment modalities. No matter what type of treatment you choose, you can expect to find caring, trained professionals who have these goals for your future in common.

Some who have watched the slow progression of alcoholic behaviors in their friend or family member may be uncertain as to when the time has come for alcohol rehab. Those who are becoming alcohol-dependent may be convinced that they “don’t have a problem” or have their drinking “under control.” They may even believe that their alcohol abuse is unnoticed by others and that it has no effect on their home or family life.

The fact is, few alcoholics are as good at hiding their addiction as they think they are. Family members who believe they see a problem with their loved one’s drinking habits may be recognizing the beginning of a serious disorder that requires professional help at a medical treatment facility. When it’s clear that alcohol rehab is a necessity, an intervention may be necessary.

In most cases, we are equipped to handle the detox process safely and comfortably in our facility. However, if alcohol abuse has been combined with prescription drug abuse, the detox process may be much more difficult. In these situations, the patient may have to be transferred to a hospital during the detox process for added medical support.

about her disease and instruction about the steps in the recovery process.

At First Lane Rehab Center, our integrated team of psychiatrists, internal medicine physicians, nurses and therapists are not only experts in alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Our staff employs a holistic treatment approach. Members of our team understand the numerous psychiatric, psychological and medical conditions that can contribute to alcoholism, and frustrate a woman’s efforts to stay sober.

This expertise equips us to assess each woman’s entire history of drug and alcohol abuse in context of other emotional, physical or family challenges. Such a comprehensive assessment can allow us to differentiate alcoholism from situations when drinking alcohol compulsively may be related to a pre-existing eating disorder, or to symptoms of major depression, an anxiety disorder, or chronic pain.

The most successful approaches to substance abuse treatment and recovery consider all available information about a resident, and leverage the experience of a multidisciplinary staff to customize each woman’s treatment program. This collaborative approach is one of the distinguishing elements of addiction treatment at a leading alcohol rehab center like First Lane Rehab Center. It’s also one of the reasons why so many leading inpatient hospitals and outpatient alcohol and drug addiction specialists refer to us their patients who need more holistic, integrated treatment, or who have suffered repeated relapses in a sober living facility or outpatient treatment program.

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