Medical Detox is an Important First Step

Virtually all people suffering from alcohol, opiate, or other drug or substance addiction require a period to “clean up” – to physically and chemically remove these substances from the body prior to inpatient residential treatment. This process is commonly referred to as detoxification, detox, or medical detox. It is highly recommended that medical detox treatment occurs under the supervision of trained medical personnel and appropriate facilities. With medically-supervised detox, physical withdrawal symptoms can be managed, the detoxification process can be accelerated, and medical care is provided by board-certified physicians and licensed medical staff. This phase typically takes 3-10 days in an outpatient setting.

The most difficult times of detoxing the body from drugs and alcohol last anywhere from just 72 hours to more than three full weeks. The time for detoxifying the body depends on the amount of drugs or other substances the individual who is addicted has built up within the body and the body’s bloodstream. The beginning of detoxifying the body is the most dangerous part of this process, when the body may have adverse reactions to not having chemicals and substances it is familiar with daily.

Throughout the detox program, facilities and treatment centers also provide both group therapy and one-on-one counseling sessions for your loved one to attend. Sharing their feelings about their addictions openly with others and with professionals is a way to ensure they are sticking to the journey of becoming sober and ridding all use of alcohol and other substances from their lives completely. Having others who are facing addiction available to help your loved one is a way for them to relate to those who are also struggling, making their journey to sobriety more realistic and achievable.


Detoxification from alcohol or drugs is the process used by detox rehab centers to help addicted men and women rid their bodies of the substances they have been abusing. Depending up the nature and severity of a person’s substance abuse history, attempting to undergo detoxification for alcohol or drugs without the medical supervision that is available at a detox rehab center can be painful and potentially fatal.

We believe that suffering unnecessary symptoms of withdrawal hinders the recovery process. At First Lane our skilled medical team provide a safe and comfortable detoxification from alcohol or drugs using cutting-edge medications and detox protocols.

We provide close medical monitoring of detoxification to treat toxic symptoms and treat withdrawal. Registered nurses observe the patient around the clock while the patient is detoxifying. Doctors are available 24 hours a day. Often, individuals are not aware of the symptoms of withdrawal. They get confused and fearful as they begin to witness or experience physical symptoms that are painful, uncomfortable and anxiety provoking, which can lead to relapse. At First Lane Rehab Center we can help you avoid the discomfort and the potential danger associated with withdrawal through participation in a substance abuse detoxification program. Detoxification followed by participation in an outpatient or residential recovery program greatly increases the chances of a life long recovery.

Registered nurses observe vital signs and medicate carefully to keep patients safe and prevent seizures. Withdrawal is often extended and the patient may develop severe problems several days after their last use.